Application of Urea Aldehyde Resin


  • Not Functional in Water Based Products
  • It can be used “BASE” Resin”
  • It’s used as “ADDITIVE” or “ENHANCER” or “MODIFIER” in formulation
  • It agglomerates over time
  • It has “universal solubility”
  • Equivalent of LAROPAL A 81
  • No other competition
Technical Data PolyTone UA 810®
Chemical classification Urea & Aliphatic Aldehyde Condensation Resin
Physical Forms Lumps
Softening Point (Ball & Ring Method) 80°C – 100°C
Lodine Color Number ≤ 3
Hydroxyl Value ~ 40 mg KOH / gm resin
Acid Value 3mg KOH / gm resin (Max)
Saponification Value ~65 mg KOH / gm resin
Tg ~57°C
Pigment Grinding Tinting System Powder Coating
Low Viscosity Universal Solubility Flow Improvement
Road Marking/Spray Automobile OEM Metal Coating
Adhesion Gloss Gloss
UV Inks Decorative Paints UV Coatings
Dispersing Agent Dispersing Agent Dispersing Agent
Hot Melts Polyester PU Epoxy Acrylate
Adhesion Promoter Flow Improvement Flow Improvement
Nitrocellulose Coating Alkyd Resin Based Epoxy Acrylate
Gloss Heat Stability Flow Improvement

1. Traditional Co-griding of pigments in individual final resins

Blend of pigments in one grind in final resin system

2. Traditional: Single pigments grind in individual final resins

5 Resins systems, 20 pigments -> 100 premixes

3. Pigment Concentrates in a universal resin

One range of pigment concentrates for selected resin systems
20 Pigment concetrates for 5 final resin systems -> 20 premixes

Universal Pigment Concentrates

Pigment concentrates in a universal resin

  • One range of pigment for selected resin systems
  • 20 pigment concentrates for 5 fo final resin systems -> 20 premixes

Economic advantages

  • More effective inventory control for raw material as well as finished coating
  • High efficieny in prodution of small batches
  • Increase production capacities, better usage of space
  • Economic use of griding equipment
  • Quick deliveries JIT
  • More color offering, even for small batches
  • Easily broader product offering
  • Fix COlor Price/KG

Product Competition

  • Industry Standard : Laropal A 81
  • Competition : Some Chinese Companies
  • Only 1 product which makes the standard across the word
  • Price Point: $3.5 – $5.5
    • Our Pricing : $2.7 – 3.0

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