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Established in the year 1989, Polyols & Polymers Pvt. Ltd. has been fulfilling customer’s requirements since its very inception.We are engaged in Designing, Manufacturing & Sales of various Synthetic Resins which cater to a wide spectrum of industries like Adhesives, Rubber (Tire/Tyre and Rubber goods), Printing Inks, Ball Point Pen Inks, Lacquers, Varnishes, Paints, Coatings etc

Synthetic Resins Design & Manufacturing

Founded & Established in 1989 by Prabir Dutt, a IIT Kharagpur graduate. Recipient of a National Award from the National Research Development Corporation of India for his innovation in product development of Ketonic Resin. With his experience in R&D for over a decade as a Sr.Scientist at one of the National Laboratories he aspired to build a company which would add value to its customers. His vision has percolated to become the vision of the company – To become a technology driven company and deliver Value.

For more than 25 Yrs we have been adding new products, improving current product line and innovating ways to deliver not just a good product but an overwhelming experience and value.

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With manufacturing facilities at 2 locations and a brand established over 25 years – we offer over 12 product lines with wide variants. We are ISO 9001:2009 certified and compliant company backed by an experienced team of professionals. Acceptance of POLYTONE brand globally is a true indicator of our continuous persistence towards delivering customer delight.

We are exporting more than 85% of the total produce and providing maximum flexibility in all aspects of the business – Product, Price, Payment, Packaging, Personalization without any compromise in Quality, Quantity

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With 15000 sq-M plant area at Dahej, we plan to leverage our core competency of manufacturing and introduce more advance products. Our R&D is already working towards more “Green” products like Powder Coating Polyester, Natural Oil Polyols etc.

We plan to be certified for ISO 18000 to reinforce our commitment towards environment, health & safety.

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Flexographic Inks, Gravure Inks, Cellulose Based, Liquid Ink
Offset Inks, Web Offset, Sheet Fed Inks, Overprint Varnish(OPV), Heat Set Inks, Ink Varnish, Heat Set Inks
Metallic Inks
Paints,Primers, Anti Corrisive Paints, Protective Coatings, Marine Coatings
Road Marking Inks
Wood Primers, Paper Coatings, Cellulose Based Coating (NC)
Metalized Polyester Coatings, Decorative Paints, Metallic Paint, Cigarette Packaging
Polyurethane Coating, Polyurethan Flooring
Wire Insulation, Wire Enamel, Metal Insulation, Enamel
Nail Enamel, Lacquers, NC/Cellulose Lacquers
Rubber Adhesive, Polychloroprene Contact Adhesive, Contact Cement, Shoe Adhesive,Heat Resistant Adhesive
Masking Tape, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Adhesive Tape
Polyurethan Adhesive
Tackyfier, Building Tack for Synthetic Rubber, Convertor Belts, Rubber Goods
Reinforcing, Hardness Enhancer, Tyre, Convertor Belts, Rubber Goods
Ply Cement
Butyl Curing, Polybutadine Curing System, Tube Curing System

30 Years Experience

Global Acceptability

Unsurpassed Quality